Why 88% of Buyers Invest in a Home Inspection

Why 88% of Buyers Invest in a Home Inspection

  • Irina Podolsky
  • 05/5/23

Buyers negotiating with a seller may be tempted to omit a home inspection from their offer to make it more desirable. However, doing so can leave buyers burdened with a property needing serious and costly repairs. This can be difficult to manage in addition to other homeowner expenses. Home inspections provide valuable, unbiased information that can be used in negotiations and give buyers peace of mind. Here is why 88% of buyers invest in a home inspection.

Reveal hidden issues

Many issues with a home are impossible for a regular buyer to spot when touring houses for sale in Boston. Problems tucked away in attics, hidden in a home’s foundation, or out of sight on top of a roof can all cause serious expenses a buyer is responsible for after purchase.

In Massachusetts, a home inspector can catch common issues with homes, including poor drainage around a property, water damage along walls or in basements, and electrical system problems. Other common issues include inadequate ventilation or insulation, problems with heating and cooling systems, roofing issues, and minor structural damage like rafter defects and unstable windowsills.

Ensures the home is safe

Small and large problems can make a home unsafe to live in. An inspector checks for harmful substances like mold, radon, and carbon monoxide. They’ll also point out any fire hazards like poor electrical wiring or broken fire alarm systems. Tripping hazards like decaying wooden stairs or major structural issues like termite damage can cause serious injury if not addressed.

Uncovers legal issues

Buyers considering a home at face value can’t tell what was added to a property and what was originally a part of the home. If sellers don’t disclose previous projects, it can create serious complications for a buyer. A home inspector has an updated knowledge of zoning laws and home regulations and can tell if any parts of the home have been illegally added. This includes in-home systems that are often overlooked.

These additions have a large impact on how much a buyer pays in terms of insurance, taxes, and the home’s final purchase price. Even if a buyer didn’t install the addition themselves, it becomes their responsibility once they buy a home. This can result in a time-consuming and expensive process to remove the addition or alter it so it’s legal.

Helps buyers plan fixes

Buyers searching for Jamaica Plain homes for sale can use a home inspection report to plan out what fixes they need to complete. Repairs aren’t always a dealbreaker for buyers, especially when weighed against local amenities like Jamaica Plain’s gorgeous park system Emerald Necklace, the nearby Jamaica Pond, and other outdoor havens like Franklin Park and Arnold Arboretum.

Having a clear list of issues with a home helps buyers create a financial plan and timeline for addressing these problems, providing them with a sense of agency in fixing their home. It also gives them an understanding of the home’s overall condition and what repairs they may need to plan for the future.

Provides negotiation leverage

One of the most valuable aspects of getting a home inspection is that it provides buyers with negotiation leverage when making an offer to a seller. If any problems are uncovered, a buyer can require a seller to fix the issues before they purchase the property. They can also ask for another form of compensation, such as a lower offer price, covering closing costs, or giving buyers appliances.

If a home is in dire condition a home inspection contingency gives buyers the opportunity to back out of an offer. This is integral if a buyer knows they aren’t in a position to put in the time and money to fix repairs. It also ensures they can start a new home search as soon as possible.

Offers unbiased information

Buyers searching for houses for sale in Boston can count on home inspectors to be impartial. Inspectors have no vested interest in a home sale or purchase, which makes their reports completely unbiased. An inspector thoroughly completes a checklist of tasks to review the whole property’s interior and exterior, which gives buyers a clear idea of the property.

If possible, buyers should attend a home inspection themselves. This is a great opportunity to learn about the property directly from an expert and ask any questions. An inspector can also provide tips on how to maintain a property. An inspection can take anywhere between two to three hours, depending on the size of the home, so buyers should plan accordingly if they want to attend.

Peace of mind

Knowing what is and isn’t wrong with a property can give buyers peace of mind. Rather than stressing about what might break next or being unprepared for expensive repairs, a buyer can enjoy the home and surrounding area fully. This leads to a much better quality of life where buyers can focus on the present and enjoy the charms of their new home and neighborhood.

Buyers who are uneasy or unsure about purchasing a home can also use a home inspection to help them make their decision. Seeing that the home is in good condition can be the final push for buyers to commit to an offer. On the other hand, a poorly maintained property can spur them to search someplace else.

Never skip the home inspection

Home inspections are extremely valuable to buyers when making an offer and closing on a home purchase. They can count on home inspectors to be unbiased and thorough in their reports. With this information, a buyer can negotiate an offer, back out of a deal, or start planning for future repairs. Searching for Jamaica Plain homes for sale can be challenging without the help of a local agent. When you’re ready to start a home search in Boston, contact trusted agent Irina Podolsky to guide you through the process.

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